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This ongoing series of works, ‘Invisible Friends’, and some other works explore the idea of ritual in the artist’s studio space, exhibition space, everyday life and interrelationship between them, together with the idea of boundary and a definition of painting itself.

Invisible Friends


This body of work has evolved from my series of paintings, ‘Heads in the Head’, in 2013 in that I was interested in the idea of shamanism. For this series I investigated more on the relationship between paintings and my personal objects, which have memory and energy imbued in them. At the same time, the ritual while making these works either in the studio space or gallery space during the current political situation in Bangkok, have some vibration passing through me and reflected in the work per se. For example in ‘Bloody Stones’ I combined two rituals of collecting stones everyday from broken pavement in Bangkok with the ritual of making work in the certain exhibition space. The other figurative works focus more on the ritual in the studio space with my personal objects and chance.

Bloody Stones ', 2014

320 x 290 x 240 cm

collected stones around Bangkok everyday from 13th April – 30th June 2014, acrylic emulsion, acrylic, gesso, fluo colour, Youth Chinese ink, Mr Muscle 3in1 cleaner, energy drink: M-150/ Whiteshark/ Carabao/ Ranger, boxing liniment, electrolyte: Sponsor/ Sanvo, table lamp, limes;
activated at Speedy Grandma 1st - 4th Jul 2014

Drop Dead Gorgeous ’, 2014
32 x 23 x 20 cm
2 paintings/ canvas and wood board, ink, gouache, marker, liquid paper, gesso, oil paint, acrylic

‘ Void Man ’, 2014

20 x 4 x 137 cm
wooden frame from air conditioner box, t-shirt, painting/ acrylic, gouache, gesso, ink, graphite, marker, oil on canvas

‘ Guru ’, 2014
21 x 43 x 134 cm

door stopper, cloth hanger, towel, cable tightener, paint brushes, duct tape, gesso, gouache, ink, masking tape, acrylic, marker on and in canvas

Wee Mates ’, 2014

32 x 45 x 116 cm

ink on t-shirt on painting/ gesso, gouache, ink, marker, acrylic on canvas on 2 Chinese chairs, wire


My interest also lies in the ritual that occurs between the studio space and the exhibition space. The painting and drawing were partly executed in the studio but eventually carried out with the exhibition space to capture the moment of the certain place at the certain time.

' Lactobacillus Painting ', 2014

80 x 160 x 30 cm
2 paintings/ canvas, duct tape, yogurt packages, gesso, gouache, acrylic, oil stick, silicone rubber, ink, wood, Acrylic emulsion; 

activated at Speedy Grandma 5th Jun 2014

Residue Drawings ’, 2014

variable/ paper size 21 x 29.7 cm each (site specific)

photograph of an installation activated at Speedy Grandma 23rd Jun 2014: digital print, wallpaper paste 
drawings: 100 pieces of A4 Canson tracing paper from an installation, 3M spray 77 adhesive, residue


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