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Numinous Objects


This series of works based on my interest in how the ordinary object transforms into a sacred one in the church or temple as opposed to how artists alchemically transform ordinary material into art. I was also interested in the idea of inner voice within artists that drive them to portray certain sort of works as a shaman bringing back images from the world beyond. This body of work investigates the ideas between myth, spirituality, absurdity, the subconscious, chance, and to alchemy and shamanism.


Therefore I created objects, which investigated these aspects from different angles and mediums; some of them were in the form of instruction, some in sculpture and installation. These objects celebrated the wide range of objects in the holy space. At the same time they have the element of absurdity, surrealist and manipulation, which are quite common in Thai folk tradition and culture.


The idea of sacredness, transformation and alchemy also expanded from within objects to the space around, a transition between the staircase and storage room, by a relationship between each object and the objects per se. 



Heads in The Head


In this series of heads, I tried to ‘capture’ faces of spirits, unknown energy, or something out there and in my head, in my bedroom every night when I was in London. These paintings were constantly painted from layers of gouache, ink, gesso, and acrylic until each face appeared and that kind of energy told me to stop. What does it mean to capture energy from one place on the paper and bring them to show people somewhere else? 


Heads in the Head ’, 2013
29.7 x 42 cm each
gouache, ink, acrylic, gesso on Khadi cotton A3 paper

More Heads in the Head ’, 2013
21 x 29.7 cm each
gouache, ink, acrylic, gesso on Khadi colour cotton A4 paper

And More Heads in the Head ’, 2013
17.7 x 25.5 cm each
gouache, ink, acrylic, gesso on acrylic pad paper

Spectrum ’, 2013
60 x 220 x 300 cm
humidifier, glass panel, brick, projector, Apple Macbook screensaver, water


David ’, 2013
31 x 76 x 115 cm           
porcelain Michael Angelo’s David bust, plasticine, terracotta clay, artificial marble tile, manipulated loop footage from David Bowie’s ‘China Girl’ music video, monitor, stone, found pedestals


excerpt video 1.35 min (from 4.23 min)

Push ’, 2013

78 x 130 x 252 cm

Inkjet print of a self portrait during -2°c London winter on A4 sheets of paper, duct tape, masking tape timber, brick, steel


Apples ’, 2013

145 x 150 x 110 cm (site specific)           

apples, assorted used plastic containers and paper packages, table lamp, mini fans, mirror, cotton rope, stairs

Vampire in Uncle Plato’s Cave ’, 2013

46 x 53 x 87 cm

100 times of self replication from a copy machine on A4 sheets of paper, my personal table, flickering table lamp, picture frame


O X ’, 2013

75 x 90 x 132 cm

laser engraving text:


on black perplex, pen, notebook, school table


‘ Unicorn (After Thurber) ’, 2013

77 x 197 cm (site specific)

laser engraving text:


on translucent white perplex on storage door, wooden door stopper




 ‘ Blow (Repeatedly Blown, a Futile Movement of a Piece of Paper) ’, 2013

32 x 58 x 78 cm

automatic toilet hand-dryer, duct tape, plastic mixing bows, A4 sheets of paper, cotton rope

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