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Rising Sun in My Mind ’, 2012

354 x 450 x 310 cm (site specific)

cardboard boxes from NYC pavement, Mylar reflective sheets, broken mirrors, dimmable light bulbs, duct tape, rope, fishing line



One Day I Will Disappear ’, 2012

variable (height approximately 3m)

video projection      

excerpt 1.53 min (from 4.20 min)

Study of a Brick#1 ’, 2012

12 x 25 x 95 cm

orange, brick, silicone rubber, plinth

Path ’, 2012

30 x 110 x 24 cm

mirrors, neon tube, Mylar reflective sheet

Rising Sun in My Mind


Rising Sun in My Mind’, is an installation investigating in light relating to the spiritual space since light has been considered a key element in spiritual space in history and it has always been used to manipulate perception and representation of holiness. Besides, the work explored the ritual that took place within the space from a group of audiences or on contrary the experience of being there alone considering his own existence.

The installation created mainly from cardboard boxes, material I found around the pavement of NYC. On the floor the mirrors would be ground every time someone stepped over, then the reflection of oneself fragmented and disappeared. In the middle of the space, the viewer saw their own distorted reflection from the Mylar reflective sheets. Above the head, natural light from the skylight transformed and changed the perception of the installation.

The reversed deinstallation video suggested an idea of tension and shamanism.

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