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Some of the installations after a solo exhibition ‘Do :D d: (See)’  explored the idea between animism, place and space.

Surface Tension (A.K.A. I Think That Mother Fucker Is In The Back) ’, 2011

80 x 110 x 20 cm

timber, spandex fabric, servo motors, Arduino board, kraft paper


Reincarnation of the Dead Leaves ’, 2011

350 x 350 x 300 cm

dead leaves, plywood, projector, Apple Macbook, Processing algorithmic code


American Forrest ’, 2011

40 x 50 x 130 cm

intervening collage from a book, ‘Trees of North America’, wood table
photo by: Chitti Kasemkitvatana


'Whitewatch ’, 2011

270 x 350 x 260 cm (site specific)

Thai general election banners, white gloss house paint
photo by: Nathan Homsup

Washing Machine ’, 2011

65 x 52 x 170 cm

washing machine, monitor, video (edited loop footages from Thai soap operas)


excerpt 2.40 min (from 4.56 min)


‘Do :D d: (See)’, is a debut solo exhibition about a street of Bangkok in the manipulated version.

‘ Do :D d: (See) ’, 2011


documentation video from a debut solo exhibition in Bangkok


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